Beauty Salon Teaches Blind Women How To Apply Makeup With Braille

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In the 58th Grammy awards, Stevie Wonder stood beside them on stage to present an award that was written in braille. After a few jokes he said, “We should make every single thing assessable to everyone,” this includes makeup too. People should not be treated differently because they have one physical challenge or the other. Being blind doesn’t make someone less human.

Some days ago, a beauty salon decided to teach women how to apply makeup with the help of braille. This skill would definitely boost their confidence. It is amazing and especially for women who weren’t born blind they can have that easy mental picture of how they look like. However, those born blind can also benefit from it. This skill wasn’t just going to make them feel beautiful but it is a great opportunity for ladies who are vision impaired.

“It makes us feel happy when we’re able to put on makeup because sometimes people say, ‘Why do you put on makeup if you can’t see it?’ But this [course] gives me the confidence that I am able to put makeup on myself,” one of the beauty students said.

The makeup kits are specifically designed for them including brushes and all other materials have braille so they can identify what type and when to apply. Beauty has no discrimination, they experience the world through their eyes just like you.

We shouldn’t just assume that they teach this to improve their self-esteem. It is a skill just like any other skill. How it would feel if someone who is vision impaired does your makeup and it looks ravishing?

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