Being Single Might Be More Important Than Being In A Relationship

Bella Breakdown

We spend a lot of our adult lives trying to search for love. So much so that we actually ignore a lot of things about ourselves. There is the misconception that we are simply half of a person until we find the “one” who makes us whole. Well, that’s sort of a load of bull. It is really important to truly explore your single self.

We could very well find ourselves in a good relationship. It could be romantic, and loving, but you could feel as though something is missing. Or maybe you are compromising who you truly are for the other person. This might be no fault of the other person, but simply just the fact that you have not come to terms with the person you actually are.

A lot of times, people who badly want to be in a relationship, solely for the fact they don’t want to be alone, are the ones who need to be alone the most. At the end of the day, we really only have ourselves. And, what if you are not satisfied with the person staring back at you in the mirror? Then, you are likely not going to be satisfied with anyone in a relationship. The only person who can complete you, is you.

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