Benedict Cumberbatch Stands Up For Women


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In a recent interview with Radio Times, Benedict Cumberbatch stands up for women’s rights through only accepting roles that will commit to equal pay of female co-stars.

Cumberbatch wants to send a message through his own personal initiative, bringing awareness to the gender pay gap. He opens up about how is trying to use his fame, being an ally for women who struggle with getting substantial roles and the gender wage gap.

When now considering roles Cumberbatch is asking what pay his women co-stars will receive, also showing the production teams the need for equal pay. Cumberbatch goes onto say that he is focusing on providing more substantial roles for women through his production company, SunnyMarch, that he shares with producer and director Adam Ackland.

Cumberbatch also boasts that he and his partner Ackland, are the only men in their production company providing many positions to women. He also goes onto say that he will be using his name to increase visibility for investors, showing the need of more substantial roles for women in the production field.

The demand for women roles in movies is low, with Cumberbatch realizing that he can use his name to create a production company that focuses and brings awareness to this issue. Cumberbatch is taking personal action to be able to create more substantial roles for women in the production and film industry.

This initiative is creating a need for the film and production industry to create more important roles for women behind and in-front of the camera.

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