Benefits To Going Makeup Free

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We can’t help but notice our favorite female celebrities are going makeup-less, and absolutely rocking it. Sure, we live in a world where contouring, baking, highlighting, and smokey-eyeing rules our social media feeds. However, it seems like going makeup free is taking over and it’s benefiting us women in some major ways.

1. It’s Empowering
Going makeup free is actually really empowering, especially in a social setting. Society has us believing that wearing makeup should be part of our presentation as women. To that we say, “BOOOO!”. Wearing eyeliner does not make us any more capable to run a meeting, sorry.

2. It’s Great For Your Skin
Now, even if you’re wearing very light, natural makeup, it is still clogging up your pores. Letting your skin breathe every now and then does a great deal of good for your complexion. It’s a fantastic domino effect, because the less face makeup you wear, the less you’ll have to use it to cover any blemishes.

3. It’s Convenient
Allergy season, cold season, wedding season. They all leave us with irritated, watery eyes. See you later mascara, and even if you’re wearing waterproof you still run the risk of streaking your foundation. Wearing makeup is one less thing to have to worry about in our day to day.

So whether or not you enjoy doing glam or begrudgingly sling on makeup everyday, don’t be afraid to take some time for yourself and your skin and go makeup free!

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