Best Tips When Traveling With Young Children

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I’m not sure which part about traveling with a baby I dread the most. Is it the part where I have to deal with a child who may or may not end up screaming, whilst in a flying tube for hours? Or is it the part where I have to give apologetic glances to the other passengers? Passengers whose own glances are either that of annoyance or pity. Hmmm.. what to decide?

It sort of all sounds miserable. Stop the dreading though, parents! There are ways to stave off the impending misery that is traveling with a young child. Here are a few ways to make sure traveling with your little one is as painless as possible:

1. Relax
Yes, you need to remain calm. Children are extremely perceptive to their parents energy. If you’re happy and relaxed, it’s going to make it a lot easier for your child to be happy and relaxed.

2. Drink During Take-off
No, I don’t mean you, although no one would blame you. I mean, make sure your little one is feeding, drinking a bottle, or sipping on some water or juice so that their ears don’t get plugged up, which can cause major discomfort.

3. Resort To A Little Screen Time
Even if you’re not a total advocate of using your phone or other device, a long flight might be the perfect time to allow your child some entertainment in the form of media.

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