Best Vacation Spots For Dog Lovers

Bella Breakdown

If I chose to put a bumper sticker on my car, it would probably be “I brake for Huskies”. I’m a huge dog lover, Huskies and Malamutes specifically. If I could travel to a place where those were the only dogs I could interact with I would… oh wait, I can. There are a lot of places, no matter what type of dog lover you are, that you can vacation to and enjoy spending time with the animals.

1. Snowy Adventures
If you go somewhere that gets a lot of snow such as Alaska, Colorado, Canada, Norway, there is likely to be the opportunity for you to go on a sledding adventure. This isn’t your ordinary kind of sledding, it’s dog-sledding! That’s right, you can enjoy the snow with a pack of dogs pulling you on a sled. A lot of places let you visit with the animals as well.

2. Sanctuaries
There are a lot of Wolf sanctuaries, especially in California, but all across the globe as well, that house endangered wolves. Many of the wolves have become domesticated, so you are able to visit with them face-to-face.

3. Dog Gatherings
There are a lot of international dog gatherings happening as of late. There was one that just happened in Scotland for the Golden Retriever. These gatherings will allow you to bring your dog of a specific breed, and you can indulge in different activities and meet fellow dog owners as well.

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