Beware Of Cuffing Season

Bella Breakdown

So the leaves are turning, you are watching more scary movies than normal, the sweaters you have been wearing through the end of a scorching September are actually appropriate for the weather now. Everywhere you go you seem to see couples, and you can’t help but admit that you have re-downloaded all of your dating apps after having had deleted them for the fourth time. It seems as though once the smell of pumpkin spice hits the air, thus begins the ritual of cuffing season.

You might notice a lot of people getting into relationships during the fall and winter months. This actually has a lot to do with basic human instinct. Animals tend to couple up for hibernation, so it’s natural that we might want to couple up as well. On a more social level, you might be in a rush to find someone to bring home for the holidays.

It is difficult when you think about another year of going home for the holidays to all of your relatives asking you if you have found someone yet. But that isn’t a good enough reason to cuff. Rushed relationships are bad relationships! Don’t buy into the cuffing hype. There is nothing wrong with a naturally occurring winter fling, and who knows maybe it could be long lasting?

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