Beware Of Those Break Room Donuts

Bella Breakdown

We love co-workers that bring those delicious croissants from the bakery down the street. But do you know what is happening every time you eat one of those treats in the break room? Here is why you might want to pass on the office treats next time.

You could be eating more than 1,000 extra calories per week. And unfortunately, they are empty calories. This means that whatever they are bringing has no nutritional value. A recent study shows that 25% of office workers get food from the office at least once a week. Most of it is given out for free so it is an easy decision to give in and eat it.

Most of the time the food is pizza, soft drinks, cake, cookies, or pastries. All of these things are high in fat, sodium and added sugar. Needless to say, these are not healthy options. Along with the break room food, there was also a study on vending machines and cafeteria purchases. Professionals are suggesting that bosses and or co-workers start to bring healthier options to meetings or just for snacks in the break room.

So if it is your turn to bring snacks to the office, opt for a veggie platter instead of a box of donuts. Your co-workers will be surprisingly happy about the guilt-free snack and won’t crash from all the sugar later!

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