Break Your Bad Habits

Bella Breakdown

We all have our bad habits. My personal ones include binge watching TV and not being able to get out of bed in the morning. Let’s face it, when I get my lazy pants on, I’m out for the count. Bad habits can come in a whole array of colors: eating junk food, smoking cigarettes, drinking too much, having six cups of coffee, being a couch potato, you name it.

In order to break your bad habits, you should try this easy trick: Every time you think of doing your bad habit, try doing a good habit instead. This sounds harder than it is. You are probably thinking, “Who would want to get up and go for a run when they are thinking about lounging around and watching TV?”

But it’s actually really simple. The next time you want to do what you know you shouldn’t do, try doing ten pushups, twenty squats, or drinking water and see where it gets you.

Eventually you will find that your bad habits are being replaced by good habits, and that you don’t crave your bad tendencies nearly as much as you once did.

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