Bringing Back the Beanie

Bella Breakdown

The beanie hasn’t necessarily gone out of style, it’s just currently on hold at the moment. However, just like when I was in school and would somehow miraculously forget how to write over the summer, I’ve forgotten how to stylishly rock a beanie. I am also a sucker for fall and winter trends. I like the idea of rolling out of bed and putting on about six layers to go outside. One layer, of course, having to be a beanie. So, what are the most stylish ways to a wear your beanie this fall and winter?

1. With Everything
Seriously, everytime you go out, put on your beanie. I think I get the most compliments when I wear a hat.

2. To Cover Up Bed Head
When it’s cold out, you’re more likely to oversleep. Therefore you might not have time to brush your hair. Thankfully you have that cute knit beanie to cover up the bird’s nest forming in your hair!

3. Rock the Bangs
If you have bangs, be sure to adjust your beanie so your bangs stay out. It’s really cute, and a perfect fall look.

4. Side Braid
Beanies are always cuter with a side braid or fishtail, and be sure to pull out your tresses for the effortless messy look.

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