Burt Reynolds Passes At 82

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Burt Reynolds was definitely the Ryan Gosling of his day. The 1970s was the time when any Burt Reynolds movie could make an absolute killing. Famous for his perfect mustache, Burt was definitely a ladies man in his own right.

The 1997 film, “Boogie Nights” earned the star a Golden Globe, and Mr. Reynolds truly stayed relevant up to this day. Unfortunately on Thursday, September 6th 2018, Burt Reynolds passed away at Jupiter Medical Center in Florida. The cause of death was cardiopulmonary arrest.

Burt Reynolds was no stranger to controversy. He was beloved by fans but not so much by critics. It was reported that the first time he saw himself in “Boogie Nights”, he was so unhappy he actually fired his agent. Burt was box office gold in the late 70’s to the early 80’s. He went to TV in the early 90’s, and even earned himself an Emmy.

Burt has had a legendary career, but he will still be remembered one of the top football legends from Florida. Affectionately known as, ‘Buddy’ Reynolds growing up, Burt was a start football player in high school. Reynolds found his calling for acting after dropping out of FSU and working numerous odd jobs in New York, then re-enrolling at Palm Beach Junior College (currently, Palm Beach State College) where he majored in drama. His audience knew him as a fun-loving, good ole’ boy, and that’s how we’ll remember him in his passing.

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