California Prisons Serving Vegan Options

Bella Breakdown

When you hear prison food you probably think of something that resembles pig slop. And honestly, you are probably right. California State Senator Nancy Skinner is trying to change this perception. She is proposing a bill that will offer inmates healthy, plant based options. So if any inmates are vegan, they will have the option to remain that way even when behind bars. If the bill is passed, California prisons will be required to provide inmates vegan option. Skinner thinks this is important because a vegan diet would allow for a healthier diet. Hospitals and nursing homes are also adopting this idea.

While most inmates get a standard diet, around 12,000 of the 129,000 have a ‘special’ diet whether it is a dietary need or for religious reasons. This legislation could also help save the state a TON of water. It takes way less water to grow plants than meat. Skinner says that the legislation could reduce green-house admissions, give inmates access to a more personalized diet, and even inspire people to try a healthier path.

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