Can You Follow The Rules Of Royalty?


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With the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle looming, many are wondering how Markle will handle the transition to living like royalty.

The monarchy has a long line of traditions and rules of how a regal lady is to act and present herself, not to mention a lot of daily changes. On the Megyn Kelly show she talked about the transition to living like royalty with Julie Montagu, who is married to the 4th Earl of Sandwich.

Julie Montagu was born and raised in Illinois. She met her husband, John Montagu, in England and married into the Sandwich family. Making her the Countess of Sandwich and her husband the Earl of Sandwich. She goes onto explain how her life has changed through royal matrimony, much like Megan Markle’s will.

She explains learning how to set a table, while adhering to the tradition of eating with a fork in her left hand and a knife in the right hand, with emphasis on eating with both utensils at all time. There is also a certain placement of the utensil to mark whether one is done or still eating.

Montagu goes onto say that there were no formal classes and that her sister-in-law had to teach her, while she is still reminded on to this day.

Another big change will be to curtsy for all the members of the royal family, when she is not with her husband Prince Harry. A formal curtsy is a bend of the knee with the head looking downward.

Another aspect of living the royal life is knowing all the pieces of silver and their use. There is a special way to set a table around certain silver pots for various purposes such as, sauces, porridge, and water.

The royal wedding is May 19th and the service will start at 12pm. Look our for fascinator fashion statements coming up.

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