Catch Up On Your Beauty Sleep While Traveling


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Traveling can cause chaos when trying to catch up on your beauty sleep, but here are some helpful items that will make sleeping easy for any travel conditions.

The Ostrich Pillow Light is an inflatable eye mask pillow, so you can lean your head on anything. This can also act as a good neck pillow and is offered for $45 on Amazon.

Another good travel pillow is the Cabeau Evolution memory foam travel pillow that offers a firm and supportive material. This neck pillow also offers 360 support to lean the neck back or forward for rest, with a pocket for your smartphone. With a travel pouch and a cushion for sitting this pillow starts at $40 online.

For travelers looking for a foot rest with little room, there is the Andyer foot rest sling. The compact sling comes in a carrying case and is good for the office as well. The foot sling provides enough room for both feet and starts at $11 on Amazon.

One of the most important things needed for sleeping on a plane is definitely a blanket. The only problem being that travel blankets are often too small to cover the feet, but this cocoon blanket solves the problem. The cocoon sheet is made of breathable fabric and is like a sleeping bag to keep the feet warm. The cocoon travel sheet starts at $35 on and is offered with variations in design.

For a thicker travel blanket Rumpl offers high-performance ‘puffy’ blankets with various colors and designs. Their blankets include downing for an added layer of warmth, not to mention the material is great for indoor or outdoor use. The blankets start at $99 and they also offer a pancho made of their blanket material that is waterproof.

For more travel tips and items that can help with your next trip, check out the video above.

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