Celebrities Angered About Trump’s California Wildfire Comments

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A number of terrifying, and deadly wildfires are currently tearing through California. Homes and businesses are being destroyed, sadly taking a number of lives with it. The Camp Fire in Northern California essentially destroyed the entire town of Paradise. The Woolsey and Hill fires have destroyed homes all over Thousand Oaks, Malibu, and Calabasas.

Rather than offering a helpful solution, President Trump took to Twitter to add metaphorical fuel to this actual fire. He essentially blamed California for having poor management, and threatened to cut federal funding if the state can’t control it’s “gross mismanagement of the forests”. As hundreds of thousands are being evacuated from their homes, and attempting to help one another escape this uncontrollable natural phenomenon, it is almost insulting to have the President of the United States post something so cavalier on a social media site.

Naturally celebrities who, along with the rest of the Ventura/Los Angeles cities residents, are all fearing the loss of their homes and belongings. They are extremely upset with the President’s tweets about the fires.

It comes off extremely insensitive at a time when sensitivity is needed, along with aid and relief. If you would like to help the victims of the California Wildfires, please go online to donate to one of the many relief funds found on Charity Navigator.

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