Celebrities That Pay The Most For Their Hair

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Getting your hair done is expensive, we all know this. But these celebrities are spending upwards of 52 thousand dollars per year on their hair. Here are some of the ladies that have the most luxurious hair.
Kim K. You knew she was going to be on the list! She sees George Papanikolas around twice a month and spends $12,000 on coloring her hair per year. And for cuts and styling she has trusted the infamous Chris McMillan. McMillan is famous for “The Rachel” cut on Jennifer Aniston for the hit show Friends. He charges the star around $4,000 a month for her stylish locks.
Next we have Jessica Simpson. The singer turned entrepreneur considers her eyelash extensions a necessity. She gets her luscious lashes touched up twice a week for $500 a visit. She pays around $52,000 a year to keep the look. Along with eyelash extensions, she pays an around the clock ‘hair team’ $230,000 a year to have her locks looking perfect at all times (literally).
Even the beautiful Rihanna pays a premium to rock her iconic looks. Ursula Stephen is the artist behind the rocks stars looks. That being said, the stylist doesn’t come cheap. She charges $3,200 a day just as a retainer! It is estimated that Rihanna spends $1.2 MILLION on her hair every year. It’s no wonder that we can’t get our hair to look like hers.
These ladies spend a ton of money on their hair every year, but we can’t take away how amazing they always look.

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