Chocolate Is Good For You!

Bella Breakdown

If I could die in a vat of chocolate, I honestly probably would. I love chocolate so much. The only good part about being a female with major PMS is that I get a legitimate excuse to ravenously devour chocolate. Chocolate is sweet and sugary, and a lot of people like to tell me just how bad it is for me. Now, I usually ignore them while I shove my face with a brownie, but now I’m happy to say that I can laugh in their face because chocolate indeed does have some very important nutritional value.

Scientists have found that chocolate contains Vitamin D2, just like you would find in eggs or chicken. This Vitamin D is higher in cocoa powder and dark chocolate. Now, unfortunately we cannot fully rely on chocolate to provide us with our daily dose of Vitamin D, however if you do pick up a chocolate bar, you don’t have to feel all that guilty! Dark chocolate is also full of antioxidants, and is particularly delicious covering almonds. Don’t be afraid to pick up cocoa powder for your next baking spree. You can tell all who enjoy your chocolate cake that you have just provided them with Vitamin D!

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