Common Healthy Eating Myths

Bella Breakdown

If you find yourself trying to eat healthier, you may be overwhelmed by the wealth of information and misinformation about what foods you should and should not eat to maintain optimal health. Well, I’m here to help you on your journey, and bust a few common myths about healthy eating.

1. “It’s best to eat only fruit in the morning”. While fruit is a great way to get a low blood sugar back up, you should balance it with protein to maintain a healthy blood sugar, and to keep yourself fuller, longer.

2. “Snacking through the day helps your metabolism”. Your metabolic rate does not depend on how often you’re eating but rather, what you are eating. Snacking through the day is fine, but as long as it is something that is nutrient rich. Not junk food.

3. “You cannot metabolize carbs at night, so if you eat before bed you gain weight”. Your body actually metabolizes at any time of the day, peoples metabolic rates just differ. So it’s okay to eat a bit of a carby snack right before bed.

4. “Exclusive juicing is the best way to lose weight”. You’re actually depriving your body of a lot of necessary fats and proteins, so a balanced diet is the best way to lose weight and keep it off!

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