Common Nutritional Myths To Stop Listening To

Bella Breakdown

Busted! These common myths about nutrition have been misused, abused and mistreated…and people believe them! But it’s okay, the health and nutrition realm can get pretty sticky with fact vs. fiction as there is so much information out there. A crazy swirl of nutrition-focused information can be confusing for those of us who just want to stay healthy by eating better, so, we are here to help! Here are some of the common nutrition-based myths that experts have busted:

1. “Juice detoxes”: Using juice to detoxify yourself seems to be all the rage, but there is actually little to no proof that it has lasting positive benefits. It really just leaves you with an empty stomach, and empty wallet. Instead of wasting money (and excess solid foods) on juicing to “flush out your system,” just eat plenty of fruits and veggies for your overall health.

2. “Sea salt”: Many claim that sea salt is mineral rich and has less sodium than regular table salt. But, both actually contain the same amount of sodium. Sea salt actually contains less iodine, which is necessary for brain development. An interesting turn of events, eh?

3. “Negative-calorie foods”: Celery is the most common food used in this conundrum, where it is said that the digestion of the particular food burns more calories than the food contains. Alas, this concept doesn’t exist…consumption always has a net gain in calories. Sorry, celery lovers.

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