Connected S1:E19 | A Place to Call Home

Bella Breakdown

One of the best parts about a long vacation is coming home. On this episode of Connected, some are looking for a new home, thinking about the home they left behind half a country away and some are missing a home that’s half a world away.
aplacetocallhome1First we meet up with Lori after an unenthusiastic dinner where her presence was not making Jan’s daughter Jane very happy and neither is their hunt for a new family home. Throughout the episode we see a heart-warming turn of events as Jane gets to know her new step-mom a little better and opens up to the possibility that maybe, just maybe she may have a new friend.
aplacetocallhome2Eli and Ido get a long awaited guest when Ido’s mom comes to visit from Israel. With Eli’s American citizenship test coming up, and their family securely started they now face a choice of going back to Israel like they originally planned or staying in New York to explore all the opportunities that could await them and their American children.
aplacetocallhome3Finally there’s Derek. This week we laughed, jumped for joy and cried with him. His time in L.A. is really starting to get him down, he misses the smell of New York and more importantly the family that he left behind. See what happens on this episode of Connected.

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