Connected S1:E20 | The Colder the Winter, the Brighter the Spring

Bella Breakdown

All our New Yorkers are finally all in one place in this episode of Connected.

thecolderthewinterthebrighterthespring1Derek makes it back to New York in on epic after his harrowing brush with death on the roads of the West Coast. He’s settling back into life, hugging his mom and doing laundry. “Clean rooms means clean minds” is what the Bishop taught him, along with how to be a man. Then he finally get’s to return to his true love; stand up comedy.

thecolderthewinterthebrighterthespring4Our beautiful Rosie finally hears back from Fox and it turns out that she didn’t get the big part in L.A. which Josh might be secretly relieved about. Her parents finally visit their apartment and are so happy that their daughter is living like a queen. When Josh goes to Jamaica for work, Rosie comes with him! That’s when the universe has a certain something it’s been meaning to say to Rosie.

thecolderthewinterthebrighterthespring3When we meet back up with Lori, she’s on the way to the fertility doctor, anxiety filled and fearing the worst. After an exam with Jan holding her hand the entire time they’re feeling good about giving it their all. Then it’s moving day! They’re moving into the Westport house and everything begins to fall into place.

“You can see down the block, but you can’t see around the corner. Around the corner is where everything is, it’s where the future lies, it’s where surprises are, it’s where hope lives… I love around the corner.”

thecolderthewinterthebrighterthespring2We are so, so excited for Eli & Ido! When he takes his citizenship exam he passes with flying colors, and on the big day, Eli is there cheering Ido on as he raises his hand and says the pledge of allegiance to the United States of America.

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