Countdown To Christmas With Some Extra Spirit

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There’s something certainly nostalgic about counting down the days to Christmas. Crossing off days on the calendar, keeping up with the ABC and Hallmark movies, and of course, advent calendars.

In my family, each night of December we shared the most festive part of our day before moving a star along on a giant felt Christmas tree and retrieving a Hershey’s kiss to waltz into dreams of sugar plum fairies all month long. As an adult, the countdown to Christmas can be a bit more stressful—each passing day represents another day that you couldn’t find the perfect gift for your Father-in-Law or one less day you have to prepare for the madness of cooking for 30.

To ease that stress just a bit and really get into the holiday cheer, consider purchasing one of these boozy advent calendars for December.

The Hard Seltzer Advent

For the spiked seltzer lover, this advent calendar features 12 of the most popular flavors and brands of seltzer. Who needs five golden rings when you have a lime-flavored Truly waiting for you in your cardboard advent calendar?

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12 Nights of Wine

Cheers, babe! This advent is perfect for the wine enthusiast. With 12 bottles of wine from across various wine countries and boasting a variety of blends, Vinebox is prepared to keep you company during late nights of gift wrapping.

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Beer Advent

Now we understand the perfect way to kill a 12 pack. This advent gives beer enthusiasts the chance to try different craft beers without having to commit to a six or 12 pack purchase. The makers of Give Them Beer have selected the best of the best for beer drinkers.

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Flaviar Spirits of the World Advent

For the adventurous drinker, this advent from Flaviar Spirits gives drinkers a chance to sample 24 different liquors and spirits (with fancy glass and coaster to add to the class) ranging from gin to Armagnac.

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