Create Your Own Holiday Cards

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The weather is chilling… well for some of us anyways. But we all know that means our favorite holidays are right around the corner. You might be starting to secretly decorate your house for Christmas. Or maybe you’re shamelessly, overtly decorating it because you do not subscribe to the oppression of people who think it’s inappropriate to start celebrating before Thanksgiving rolls around. If you are one of those people, than this holiday creation is just for you! It’s also for you Thanksgiving-ers, because you can send a Thanksgiving holiday card, there are no rules against it okay!?

Create your own holiday cards. You don’t want to buy something that you can actually put some love and creativity into, do you? No! There are some really great ways to create cute, personalized cards this holiday season that everyone is going to love. Just grab some blank white cards and envelopes from the store. That way you can match the chard to the envelope.

Do not be afraid to bust out your scissors and cut your shards with jagged or scalloped edges. If you’re feeling really spirited, you might want to dust off your snowflake making skills for the third grade, and create a unique snowflake holiday card someone can display on their fridge or banister!

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