Curb Bad Cravings

Bella Breakdown

We’ve all been in the position of having a bad hankering for junk food. My Achilles heel has always been candy, specifically chocolate. A lot of people crave greasy foods like pizza, burgers, fries, nachos. The list could honestly go on forever. Junk food cravings are completely normal. They often come when we’re stressed out, or hormonal. If you feel as though you’ve been giving into the craving monster inside of you way too much lately, then there are substitutes you can make to curb your junk food cravings.

Craving nachos? Replace high fat nachos with a couple of crunch tacos filled with beans, low-fat cheese, tomato, lettuce, and salsa. You’ll be saving yourself over 1,000 calories with this swap.

I always seem to be craving pizza, but just one slice of pepperoni can be over 300 calories. Instead, grab a whole wheat pita topped with melted mozzarella, spices, and veggies. Your craving will be satisfied, and you’ll have eaten half of the calories.

Apple pie, America’s favorite dessert. It’s also one of the highest desserts in sugars and calories. Instead, make apple slices and bake in your microwave on medium heat. Top with cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar. Satisfy the apple urge, without all of the crust.

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