De-Stress Your Wedding Planning

Bella Breakdown

Your wedding has always been dreamed up as what is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. But let’s face it, we have watched enough reality television over the years to know that weddings are extremely stressful. You might have even been in a few weddings in your day to understand the full stress the brides or grooms feel during the days leading up to, well, the big day. Now, when it comes to your own wedding day, I’m here to tell you that there are a few tricks of the trade you can use to help de-stress a potentially stressful day.

1. If you are the bride, keep your dress a secret. Choose just a few confidants to go with you while dress shopping. That way you’re not hearing any unpopular opinions. Plus, people can’t tell you you look ugly on the actual day of your wedding.

2. Visit venues during their busiest times. If you know there is a wedding coming up, sneak by the venue to see how things are rocking and rolling. That way you know which places will handle your wedding without a hitch.

3. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Your friends and family, want to help you. Some of them may even be experienced in the matter. Express to them your needs, and see how much they can help!

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