Dealing With Your Winter Skin

Bella Breakdown

Winter is coming, and so is your chapped skin. The winter months bring out dry, cold weather and can leave you feeling dry, parched, flaky, and itchy. So what can you do to heal your winter skin?

1. Stay away from hot baths and hot showers. The warm water and steam is a direct way to dry up your skin. Obviously you don’t want to take freezing showers in the winter, but make sure the water isn’t boiling hot… you know, just like you like it.

2. Lightly exfoliating really helps to alleviate your dead skin. Be sure to do so lightly though, because over exfoliation can irritate your skin.

3. Drink a lot of water, and if that’s too cold, drink herbal teas. You need to stay hydrated in the winter so that your skin stays hydrated as well.

4. After a shower, pat your skin dry. Rubbing will irritate and dry out skin, and could leave you itchy.

5. Bust out the lotion. Bring it with you to work and moisturize as often as possible without making you look like a lotion addict. Moisturize after every shower and hand wash. Bring chap stick with you so that your lips don’t dry out. Using just vaseline is a great way to stay moisturized without getting too addicted to regular chapstick.

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