Defining the Relationship

Bella Breakdown

Let’s just say it how it is, dating is really freaking weird these days. We have the power to make virtual connections in the palm of our hands. We talk to people in depth that we never actually meet. If you do actually get to the point of having a face-to-face interaction, you’re then at the mercy of someone eventually ghosting you, or bread-crumbing you, or whatever weird term we’ve come up with to define poor human behavior.

Now let’s say you’ve actually been seeing someone on a consistent basis, you’ve expressed in multiple ways that you have actual feelings for one another, and you’ve found yourself at the moment where you might want to define the relationship. There could very well be a moment where either you or the other person wonders if it’s too much pressure to “put a label on it”.

Why are we so afraid of labels? Is it just the time we live in? Or is it truly because we’re just so unsure about this person we’ve been spending a large amount of time with. It also begs the question, if labels are in question, is it even the right person?

Well, after that brief panic attack, it’s important to remember that when a relationship’s right, you’ll know it’s right. Defining anything won’t be difficult if you’re with the right person.

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