DIY Decoupage Tray with Spring Flowers

Bella Breakdown

There’s nothing like fresh flowers to welcome spring! Bring the first blossoms into your home with this wonderful DIY.


All you’ll need to create a spring flower tray of your own is:

  • White Tray
  • Printed Image
  • Craft Knife & Cutting mat
  • Gloss Finish Decoupage
  • Brush

Start by choosing an image of your favorite spring bloom and print a high quality image. Next, take a sharp craft knife and start to cut all the way around all the little leaves and shapes on your cutting mat. An image with a white background works particularly well that way if you leave a little accidentally, it won’t show up against your white tray.

With delicate cut outs like flowers and thin stems, it’s much easier to paint your surface with a layer of decoupage medium first. So make sure that your tray is clean and dry then apply a thin layer in nice clean strokes.

Lay the cutouts where you’d like them then go around with a little extra decoupage medium to make sure that each petal and leaf is where you’d like them. Then go ahead and start going over the flower images with careful strokes.

Once your image is entirely covered, allow to dry for one to two hours and apply another thin coat.

Let that dry completely and now you’ve got a durable, washable, gorgeous pop of spring perfect for any space!

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