DIY Secrets To A Cleaner Home

Bella Breakdown

We’re about halfway through the spring season, so if yo haven’t begun cleaning, now’s the time. No need to run out and buy fancy supplies or pay for any services, as these four DIY hacks are all you need to know.

Iron out stains

That red wine stain on the carpet is a daily reminder that the floors aren’t going to clean themselves, but this ironing hack should do the trick. Mix together one part vinegar and three parts water. Dampen a towel with the solution, place your towel on top of the stain and then iron over the towel until the stain is fully removed.

Purify pillows

We wash our pillow cases often, but we forget how dirty the actual pillows can get. Every six months, place your pillows in the wash on a warm gentle cycle. This will freshen them right up.

Neaten with newspaper

Instead of using a paper towel to wipe down your windows, use a newspaper. Newspaper absorbs oil much better and doesn’t leave streaks behind.

Clean up chrome

A little known fact is that dryer sheets are great for wiping down those stainless steel surfaces. They are sure to get rid of smudges and pesky water spots.

These DIY hacks are as simple as it gets when it comes to maintaining a home. Let the spring cleaning begin!

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