Do Whirlwind Romances Last?

Most of us are familiar with the intoxicating feeling of a new romance. It feels amazing to be with someone you seem to get along with on every level. You want to spend every waking second with them, you get giddy when you receive a call or message from them, you want to shout from the rooftops about how crazy you are about this new love interest. Nothing about this particular romance is slow, nor is it steady. This my friends is usually what’s known as a “whirlwind romance”.

If you haven’t experienced one yourself, you’ve likely seen these types of romances blossom in Hollywood. The most notorious romance as of late has been that of Ariana Grande and comedian, Pete Davidson who got engaged after only a few weeks. They’re currently dodging some completely unnecessary social media drama, FYI. But isn’t that what you do for the one you’re so crazy about? Take to twitter on their behalf? Well, you sure do when you’re swept up in a whirlwind love!

So, does it really last? Well the odds don’t tend to be in the couples favor. However, there have been rushed romances that do turn into loving lasting relationships. Couples like Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky, as well as Zoe Saldana & Marco Prego seem to have made things last for a while. So there could be a definite future for Pete and Ariana. However it’s always important to remember… easy come, easy go.

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