Do You Care What Your Ex Thinks of You?

After a breakup we can’t help but wonder what it was about ourselves that played the part in the ending of a romantic relationship. What if you had the chance to hear what, not one, but three of your exes had to say about you and your relationship together? Well, one lucky woman did, although some might argue she wasn’t lucky at all.

It was sweet to hear all of the nice things her exes had to say about her, and even the parts where they described what they didn’t like were still quite respectful. However, the most interesting part about the men’s descriptions were that they were all different, for the most part. Sure there were some similarities amongst the exes, how could there not be?

That being said, this hilariously cute and awkward interview is indicative of how much we really do change, and how we allow our past relationship experiences shape us into who we will be for the next relationship.

The young woman in the video likely went through a period of introspection between each of her breakups where she attempted to learn what it was about herself and her partners that she did or did not like. She then took that knowledge and applied it to her next relationship.

Therefore creating different experiences for herself and her partners during the times they were together. Which is all we can do as humans who are attempting to give and receive love. It’s important for us to know that we are just as capable of loving ourselves as we are capable of change, whether our exes like it or not!

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