Don’t Date These Types of People

Bella Breakdown

We have all fallen prey to getting into a relationship with the wrong person. Sometimes it’s just as simple as two people who are unable to get along. Or maybe in the long hall, you and that person just didn’t have the same end goals. That doesn’t necessarily make them a bad person. There are, however, several types of people that you might enter into a relationship that are just plain bad for you. It is super important that you beware of people with these personality traits:

1. Narcissists
Narcissists are sure to make situations around them, not only about themselves, but also create chaos to come across superior.

2. Jealous or Controlling
People who are incredibly jealous or controlling will be accusatory and make it seem as though you need them to get through your day to day. They want to control every aspect of your life and will make you seem guilty for having friends or acquaintances that make them feel insecure.

3. Selfish People
Having a selfish partner can leave you feeling dissatisfied and unheard. They won’t want to budge in their own lives to make room for you. This can cause a lot of tension that might never be resolved.

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