Don’t ‘DIY’ With These Home Improvement Projects

Bella Breakdown

You’re thrifty, you’re crafty, and we are proud of you. Maybe you reuse curtains, table cloths, mason jars and clothing and are the queen of the DIY routine. But, there are certain home improvement projects you should consider skipping the DIY avenue on. Here’s a list of a few things you should definitely either buy new, or seek help in doing!

1. Switching from gas to electric: This one kind of seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. Changing your stove top from gas to electric could cause an explosion if not done properly.
2. Removing asbestos: In recent years we have learned the health hazards that are caused by asbestos, so this one is best left to the professionals who have proper protection and who can clear out all the remnants.
3. HVAC repair: Leaks can cause asphyxiation and could void your warranty.
4. Pumping the septic system: Hopefully the visual of this one reminds you that it’s something professionals know how to do best, not you on a lazy Saturday.
5. Pest control: If Tommy the house cat can’t fix the problem for you, call in the pros who will have the strongest likelihood of getting rid of all of the problems.
6. Cutting down trees: You will be liable for any damage that occurs to your neighbors property…so be careful!

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