Don’t Listen To THIS Love Advice

Society changes throughout the years. That is not a secret, and should be applied to all things, including the rules of dating. There are some rules that you might see in older shows, like ‘Sex and the City’ or in romantic comedies like, ‘How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days’ that might still hold onto dating ideals that are simply archaic now. Here are a few pieces of dating advice you should NOT listen to:

1. The Three Day Rule
The idea that you need to wait three days to contact someone you’ve gone on a date with seems completely torturous now. We all know that remaining in contact with someone, at least once a day, is an indicator that you’re interested. Three days now is basically an indicator it’s time to move onto the next.

2. Wait Until They Approach You
Being shy and demure, especially for women, and waiting for someone you’re interested in to go after you was definitely an older piece of advice. Frankly, it’s just sexist. Approaching someone you like, no matter what sex, shows confidence!

3. Waiting For Sex
One of the oldest tips in the book is to wait for sex. When it comes to sex with someone you like, do what you and your partner feel is right. As long as everyone has consent, and feels comfortable, why not go for it? Good sexual chemistry is helpful to the stability of a relationship.

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