Don’t Stay In A Relationship For This Reason

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We have all been at the point where we know we are in a relationship that just is not working out. What might be difficult to get the breakup ball rolling, however, is that you guys might be living together. A lot of people stay together just for the fact they don’t want to have to deal with dividing up the finances. There are ways to get out of the relationship without breaking the bank.

1. Close Joint Accounts
Close down joint credit cards and accounts with your ex. Take your name or their name off of any online accounts, this includes streaming services, or Amazon accounts. You don’t want them to ruin your credit or spend all of your money if their is a possibility of anger in the break up.

2. Discuss Living
If you are on a lease together, discuss who is remaining with the apartment. You can always talk to your landlord about breaking the lease, and see if they will be accommodating. If not, ask your partner to get a roommate. Or if you’re staying, arrange to get a roommate to share the rent. If you’ve bought a place together, you will have to discuss the mortgage in a way beneficial to the both of you. However, it’s important to leave as soon as possible, or else you might get sucked back into staying.

3. Splitting Up Items
If you bought it, you keep it. Shared items you can discuss with one another. If you’re doing the breaking up, it might be best to just let them keep stuff unless you’ve discussed otherwise. Pets will be difficult, but whoever takes the most care of the pet, should keep it.

Don’t get stuck in a bad relationship, just because you’re worried about finances. That is no reason to stay and will just get messier down the road.

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