Eat This To Promote Healthy Skin

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When we talk skin care many people think about the endless options of beauty products, but the true secret can lie on your plate. Eat these foods to improve your skin for a glowing, healthy look.

If you love avocados then this is some good news for you. Eating avocados can help your body absorb skin-friendly vitamins. Chocolate (believe it or not) can help keep your skin looking flawless with properties that can help ease inflammation without the sugar content of milk chocolate.

Eggs are also great for keeping your skin healthy, helping your body to produce collagen and promoting skin elasticity. This is great for keeping you skin looking younger.

Kiwis contain more wrinkle-reducing Vitamin C than oranges, that happen to be one of the fruits with the highest concentration of Vitamin C. The best thing is that this is a non-acidic option compared to oranges.

For a touch of spice that will help your skin maintain a healthy glow is bell peppers. Bell peppers contain carotenoids to help shield your skin from sun damage.

Another fruit favorite for keeping your skin healthy is watermelon that contains a variety of vitamins, while helping to keep your skin naturally hydrated.

So if your looking for a new way to improve your skin care routine, then all you need to do is head to your local grocery store and raid the produce aisle.

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