Emily Blunt’s Fashion Evolution

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We all know Emily Blunt’s sense of fashion absolutely glares on screen as the high end, prissy Emily in The Devil Wears Prada. However, she is also a fashion queen off screen. Her love for expensive, one of of a kind dresses can most often be seen when she takes on a new character: Emily of the red carpet.

Emily wasn’t always the fashion inspiration that she is today. When she first became a world renowned actress, she was afraid to wear anything but tight fitting dresses with sequins or sparkles on them to award ceremonies because she wanted to accentuate her figure and look good.

But, as the years progressed, Emily became more bold with her looks. She realized what she liked: fun, funky prints on fabulous and outstanding dresses and pant suits. Instead of being dominated by these extreme looks, she absolutely glowed in them. It was almost as if they further highlighted her as a person.

We can all take a page out Emily’s book when it comes to our own fashion style: wear your clothes and feel good in them, don’t let the clothes wear you. Emily is able to wear these beautiful garments because she has a beautiful soul. So, let your clothes and your spirit channel the same positive energy and you will feel unstoppable, just like Emily Blunt.

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