Emma Watson’s Passions Go Way Beyond Harry Potter

Bella Breakdown

Emma Watson embodies Hermoine Granger almost to a tee. While most people know Watson from the Harry Potter series, the Brown graduate has bigger aspirations than even Granger did.
While Watson is extremely passionate about knowledge and philanthropy, she has many other hobbies that make her even more awesome than she already is. While the perfect bookwork loves to read to expand her mind, she was apart of the hockey, dance, and theatre clubs while in school. She also loves to write. If she isn’t already busy enough, she writes everyday and has completed around 30 diaries to this day. But wait, there is more! She is also certified as a yoga and mediation teacher and a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN.
If you are feeling like you haven’t succeeded at anything in life compared to Emma Watson, don’t worry, the entire world is with you.

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