Exceptional Middle Children

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Calling all middle children! We’re going extinct! Which might be a good thing, because we’re finally getting attention for once. As middle children we get a bad rap for desperately seeking attention. It’s not our faults our parents don’t love us enough. Only kidding! Sort of.

Middle children have been thought to be the peace makers, family diplomats, and overall better friends out of our siblings. We’ve pretty much been forced to share everything we have at a young age. We also have been expected to always know better, what with having an older sibling to follow, and a younger sibling who usually doesn’t know anything. We’ve had to cultivate a sense of identity and independence at a young age.

All of this considered, being a middle child has conditioned us to be some amazing human beings. Middle children are not pigeonholed to the whiney attention seeking of Jan and Peter Brady. Sorry guys. Here are some wildly successful, and wildly amazing middle children:

1. Princess Diana of Wales

2. Warren Buffet

3. Martin Luther King Jr.

4. Bill Gates

5. Grace Kelly

6. Jennifer Lopez

7. Britney Spears

8. Michael Jordan

9. Madonna

10. Michael Jackson

These people are just the tip of the exceptional iceberg that is the middle child. So with our numbers dwindling, and our legacy possibly dying out, Middle Children… we salute you.

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