Exercises To Help Stress

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There are so many factors in life that can cause stress. You might have a grueling work or school schedule, your family matters could be quite draining, or you could just be dealing with pressures of life in general. Whatever stresses are happening, you need a healthy way to deal with them. There are ways you can exercise to relieve stress.

1. For 2 minutes, put the soles of your feet together, with your legs in a butterfly position. Lay back down and put your arms loosely by your sides. Close your eyes and focus on deep, patterned breaths.

2. Child’s pose might be a familiar exercise to you if you have taken a Yoga class. Child’s pose tends to be home base if you are feeling strained and stressed. With your forehead to the floor, take this time to stretch your hips and just relax and breathe. You could very well fall asleep here.

3. A basic forward fold, that consists of you with your legs stretched out in front of you, and you attempting to reach your toes, is a great way to get a full body stretch. It will help you feel loose. Breathe into your stretch as you try to get your hands closer to your feet.

Simple stretches such as these are a great way to remain present, and focus on your body. You’re taking a few minutes to be mindful of yourself and your body, not all of your external stresses.

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