Falling In Love Can Happen At Any Time

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You can’t plan when you will fall in love with someone. Love is sneaky, and it can hit you out of the blue. Knowing you are in love with your partner varies from couple to couple.

Check out some of these adorable falling in love stories from the video above:

The first couple, who have been married for 21 days, had very different time periods for knowing that they loved each other. The woman said that she knew a year and a half into their relationship when they visited his family for the first time. On the contrary, it only took the man a month into the relationship to realize that he loved her when she got a job offer in a different city and he didn’t ever question the fact that he would stay in a relationship with her.

For the second couple, who have been married for 84 days, one woman said that she knew when she traveled all the way to South Africa to visit her partner for three days. Her partner knew that she loved her back when she had to make a decision between two people and she realized that she didn’t want to lose her.

The third couple was in the car after a date together when one man blurted out that he loved his partner, and then got so embarrassed that he ran out of the car crying. His partner knew that he loved him back as soon as he said it.

The cuteness continues for ten lovely minutes of love stories.

Overall, there were certainly themes to when people knew. It turns out, there are some events and feelings that can make you realize you love someone:

1. Being away from someone for an extended period of time.

2. Making big sacrifices for someone.

3. Wanting to talk to someone all the time.

4. Having someone tell you they love you.

5. Thinking about what it would be like if you could never see them again.

6. Laughing with someone.

7. You just know. Like, immediately.

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