False Portrayals Of Relationships On Social Media

Bella Breakdown

You may feel as though you are bombarded with pictures of couples on social media. Their trips together, engagements, weddings, having kids etc. However, we should all know by now that what you can never judge a book by it’s Instagram filter. A survey from Business Insider suggests that well over half of the millennials surveyed admit that their relationships do look better than they actually are on social media accounts. 42% of those millennials actually purposefully use social media to make their relationships look a lot better than they actually are.

The main issue with posting about your relationship on social media, is that it is often being done to seek validation from others about your relationship. You are looking for support in your relationship, outside of the actual relationship. This is a huge indicator that something is actually really wrong. Now, we’re not saying to stop posting on social media when it comes to relationships, definitely do, but make sure that it is for the right reasons.

You can only ever gain true validation from yourself and your partner that your relationship is going the right way. You will never be able to gain real happiness or security from anyone other than you and your partner.

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