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I once read a statistic that people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. I’m not sure of the accuracy of this, but for most of us, it probably rings true. Part of the reason we struggle with pulling the other 80% of our wardrobe out of the closet and drawers is because we don’t have everything organized. We have all seen the gorgeously ordered perfection of the closets of people like Lisa Vanderpump and the Kardashians. However, for the rest of us who aren’t millionaires, how can we have a closet worthy of a reality star? Fortunately, there are closet organization apps that allow us to help ourselves.

Closet is a great organizational app that allows you to plan ahead. You upload pictures of your clothes onto the app, then it helps you pair pieces together into outfits. It also comes with a calendar tool feature to help ensure you are ready for the next big event you are attending or trip you are going on. It is a free app, so is a good one to start with to see how you like it.

Stylebook helps track which pieces and outfits you wear most often and which ones you don’t. This helps you from being seen in the same five outfits consistently, as well as encouraging you to pull out some of those neglected items as well. The app has a packing help component, so you can plan outfits, complete with accessories for each day of your trip. This will help you from aimlessly throwing clothes into your suitcase and hoping for the best.

DAAMN! is an app that allows you to have direct contact with a Stylist. All you have to do is snap a picture of the outfit you are planning on buying or wearing, and a stylist will help you decide if the look is a no or go. This will allow you to wear the clothes in your closet that look best on you, and to only make a purchase if you look DAAMN! good in that outfit!

Netrobe allows you to get inspiration from other people. You will be able to view an Instagram-like feed of outfits other people have worn. If you like something, you can post questions about where they purchased that really cute pair of boots that you are dying to have now. You can get more creative with your outfit styles, as well as using the clothes you have in different combinations.

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