First Date Questions To Ask And Avoid

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In this new digital age of dating, it’s hard to decipher the taboo questions from the important ones. Dating is entirely different than it once was, but many of the “first date rules” still hold true. The Huffington Post and Business Insider consulted various relationship experts who recommended questions to ask and avoid when on a first date.


“What are you looking for?” It’s important to make sure you’re on the same page with your intentions.

“Am I how you thought I’d be from my profile?” Unfortunately being catfished is a real thing. Be sure they weren’t misled by your dating profile (if that’s how you met).

“How about a second date?” If you like them, ask them about again. Don’t miss the opportunity.


“How much do you make?” This question is tacky and intrusive, and will probably never make it on the “ask” list.

“What are your thoughts on marriage and babies?” A first date is much too soon for this kind of talk. Take it slow.

“What happened with your ex?” This question will only dig up old dirt. It’s best to keep the conversation centered around you and your date.

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