Fitness Myths Proven Wrong

Bella Breakdown

The summer is approaching and everyone is trying to get their perfect beach body! There are a lot of misconceptions in the fitness industry and many people are left wondering if what they are being told is true or false. These are common “fitness myths” that have been proven wrong!

1.) Work your abs for a sculpted stomach. No! You also need resistance and cardio training.

2.) Don’t worry about what you eat. Wrong. What you put in your mouth actually affects 80% of the change you want to see.

3.) Working out in the morning is best. Absolutely not. Good news for all you morning people, any time is best as long as you DO it.

4.) Work out longer for better results. No, no, no. Good news for you busy people, short workouts are just as effective as long as they are intense!

5.) Muscle will turn to fat if you don’t use it. What?! Muscle is made of protein and will simply atrophy if it is not used.

6.) Weight workouts will make you bulky. Wrong again! Lifting will make you more fit and compact.

Now that all of these myths have been busted, get out there and get your summer body!

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