Five Reasons You Should Wash Your Face Before Bed

Bella Breakdown

Sometimes it’s easy to skip your tedious nightly skincare routine if you are super tired or just don’t really feel like doing it. Here is a reminder of why you should never skip your self care routine!

A lot of people think it is okay to skip their skin routine if they didn’t sweat or wear makeup that day. This is far from the truth. Pollution and other chemicals in the air will stick to your skin throughout the day. If you don’t wash your face, those chemicals will sink deep into your pores and can cause acne. Your skin does most of the repair process when you are sleeping. Furthermore, this is when anti-aging products work best. Also, mascara that is left on while you are sleeping can build up under the eyelids and lead to cornea scarring.

Use a makeup wipe to wipe away all of the makeup and other dirty things that your face has been subjected to throughout the day then continue to wash and moisturize your face. This will ensure all of the grimy sludge has been removed and will leave your skin glowing!

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