Fly First Class While Paying Coach Fare

Bella Breakdown

Looking for a private jet experience without paying a small fortune? Well this may be your best shot at luxurious travel. Thanks to a new subscription based flight service called Aura and allows you to choose from two classes: first and wave.

Both classes serve gourmet food, amazing leg room, and high speed (reliable) WiFi. You will pay $100 per month for access and have extremely discounted flights at your disposal. For example, a flight from Chicago to Atlanta for non-members would cost you a whopping $560. The flight for members would only cost you $280. How can you turn that down?

The flights can take you between six major cities including New York City, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Denver, and Los Angeles. Every flight can hold up to 29 passenger per flight.
The private jet company provides reliability and affordability like a normal airline, but is structured to be more luxurious and comfortable for passengers. Win win right?

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