Foods That Will Help You Improve Your Memory

Bella Breakdown

Find yourself forgetting where you put your phone or keys all the time? Try these foods to improve your memory!

Dark chocolate. Have a sweet tooth? Use this as your excuse. Indulge in some chocolate every once in a while to prevent excessive oxidation. This will help your memory!
Blueberries. Whether you eat them straight off the bush or throw them in a pie, eat them! They help with retention rate and learning skills.
Avocado. They will help you remember tiny details in your daily routine. Like where you always put your keys or remembering your lunch that is in the fridge.
Walnuts. Grab a bag of these and eat them on top of a salad or just plain. They improve brain power and boost your memory big time.
Almonds. And yes, almond butter counts. Almonds increase blood flow to the brain.

Check out the video above to see some more foods you can eat to maximize your memory and overall brainpower!

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