Fun With Funfetti

Bella Breakdown

You might be wondering what kind of dessert to make for a party, or a special occasion, or just for yourself on a fun Friday night in. Well, it’s about time you go with funfetti everything! Funfetti is not only colorful, and likely reminiscent of your child hood, but it’s freaking delicious too. Here are some awesome treats you can make with funfetti that will light up your life… well at least for 10 minutes while the sugar soaks into your bloodstream.

1. Funfetti Cheesecake
A delicious funfetti cheesecake with a chocolate ganache glaze might make you the most beloved baker amongst all of your friends and family.

2. Funfetti Fried Oreos
Skewer three Oreos, dip in milk chocolate and let harden. Mix funfetti cake mix and dip the Oreos, and then fry in oil. Cover with frosting, and you’ve made the sweetest, most delicious dessert anyone has ever had.

3. Funfetti Vegan Cupcakes
If you’re not vegan, don’t write these bad boys off. They taste just as delicious, if not better than the funfetti cupcakes with eggs in them.

Funfetti is a delicious and colorful way to make your favorite desserts. It can be done in the most creative ways, and you don’t have to sacrifice your favorites like chocolate or vanilla.

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