Germ-Infested Items In Your Hotel Room

Bella Breakdown

There is nothing better than a clean, untouched hotel room… right? Well according to experts, that squeaky-clean hotel room may not be as clean as you think. The next time you are in a hotel room, maybe you should stay away from these hotel room items.

The remote control and the light switch. I mean think about it, thousands of people have touched it while channel surfing or turning the lights off and on. They are both low on the priority list for cleaning.

The duvet cover. Duvet covers are big, chunky, and awkward pieces of fabric and often are hard to wash properly. Stay away!

The ice bucket. This is a weird one but be aware. Many hotel buckets test positive for E-coli because they are not cleaned.

The coffee maker. Many don’t know, but coffee makers need to be properly sanitized and more often then not, cleaning services skip this small but important task.

If you are staying in a hotel anytime soon, maybe bring some sanitizing wipes just in case something needs a little extra cleaning.

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